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Anxiety Disorders
Anxiety Disorders – generalized anxiety, fear, worry and conditions of over-stress and excessive tension are complicated life situations and conditions that rob people of energy and create exhaustion. If you find yourself saying “yes that’s me” to the above, you may be putting off taking time to make changes in your life that need to be seriously addressed. Improving life’s quality, and prolonging it’s quantity.

Depressive Disorders
Eight to ten percent of Americans experience severe depression during their lifetime. Constant sadness, sleep and appetite disturbance, lack of energy and motivation, inability to concentrate, feelings of hopelessness, despair and thoughts of dying are symptoms of depression and need treatment by a professional counselor. Don’t delay another day. Call now!

Bereavement and Life Adjustment Issues
These are very lonely and painful times in a person’s life. It is very difficult to make transitions and readjustments when intense loss as a result of death, divorce or sickness grips your soul in a knot. These are times when you need much support and help to guide you through rough waters.

Codependency and Substance Abuse Recovery
Adult Children of Alcoholics, non abusing spouses and recovering users/abusers of alcohol, drugs, food, gambling or pornography, all need to regain something very precious that they lost or either were never allowed to have, namely a sense of selfhood apart from the abuser, and, or substance. Deepening one’s spirituality will prove invaluable if you are willing to put the time into furthering yourself along in the journey. Emotional blockages make spiritual progress hard if not impossible. Personal therapy is a great way to foster recovery in addition to attending a dynamic support group.

Marital and Premarital Counseling
The issues mentioned above can complicate any relationship. Marriage and meaningful relationships involve commitment, intimacy, conflict resolution, communication and forgiveness. Troubled marriages have problems in one or more of these areas, while learning the dynamics of effective relating can provide tremendous fulfillment in the happy relationship. Why shouldn’t yours be one?

Victims of Sexual Abuse
Sexual abuse, incest, is often at the root of such problems as depression, sexual and eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, phobias and panic disorders.

Many people carry around a secret shame that excessively burdens them personally and is a cause of great distress in their relationships.

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