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The New Dare to Discipline 

From the long hair and bell-bottoms of the Woodstock generation to the spiked hair and pierced ears of the MTV crowd, the challenge of helping children mature into responsible adults hasn’t changed. But this best seller has! First published in 1970, it’s now completely updated and revised to offer today’s parents up-to-the-minute wise counsel about love and discipline. You can raise confident, self-controlled kids—let Dobson show you how! Hardcover from Tyndale.

Relief for Hurting Parents: How to Fight for the Lives of Teenagers: How to Prepare Younger Children for Less Dangerous Journeys through Teenage Years 

This book is so awesome for parents. It helps to restore your faith in yourself as a parent. When dealing with a rebellious teenager, they often become manipulative and play word games with parents which results in the parent questioning themselves and what they know is the right thing to do. This book shores up the parent….a strong beginning in that Adam and Eve rebelled in the Garden of Eden and THEY rebelled again God who was (and IS) a perfect parent. If we are not perfect, then how do we as parents expect to do a better job than God himself!!! Highly recommended reading for parents with children 0-25 years of age!

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