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More On Dating and Marriage

Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples 

Never before has anyone actually explained why we’re often attracted to someone with ‘negative’ traits and why we continually pursue those traits in a mate and why we’ll always be attracted to that same type of person no matter how many relationships we have. Dr. Hendrix has finally unearthed the key to the why and how of successful relationship. He provides the resources, tools and understanding we need to forge lasting, intimate committed relationships. Finally, here is the answer and it comes from within our unconscious selves…it is not something that that ‘perfect mate’ will provide; it is something we each must BECOME. What a revelation!! A must for both parties to read in order to survive in love and marriage. To NOT read this book, is to stumble through your relationships in darkness.

Keeping the Love You Find: A Personal Guide 

After his groundbreaking book Getting the Love You Want, Hendrix has developed a brilliant, thought-provoking, and innovative self-help program for single people who yearn for the pleasures and rewards of a loving, long-lasting union. As seen on Oprah, here is the New York Times bestseller for singles looking to find and keep the love of their lives.

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