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About Beverly

Beverly A. Mazzella, P.C.S.

Pastoral Care Specialist
Beverly A. Mazzella, P.C.S.

Beverly A. Mazzella, P.C.S.

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Beverly has a love and passion for people and the arts, she is also an experienced business women.

Mrs. Mazzella taught preschool through 1st grade at the Poughkeepsie SDA Elementary School for a few years.

She has been involved with the Healing Partners Ministry of Fordham University for a number of years.

She has made a dynamic contribution in the women’s ministry outreach for over 10 years in the Greater NY Conference.

Beverly is more than a pastor’s wife, she has been a co-minister with her husband in congregational ministry since 1984. She has much experience in counseling women and men with bereavement issues, with added insight in helping them cope and heal from the damage done by sexual abuse.

Mrs. Mazzella has a special gift and talent counseling children ages 4 to 10 with varied behavioral problems.

Beverly completed 3 years of intensive psychotherapy training from 1992-95 at the Institutes of Religion and Health in New York City.

She is a very proficient, sensitive, compassionate and trained Pastoral Care Specialist.

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